Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Haunted by Murder



Crime / Mystery


Plot summary

Roe's mom buys a house rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a previous owner, Esra. Roe and two other high school friends, Sally and Nick, entered the house one night 22 years ago and Roe found (her first) the body of ghost hunter Frank in a secret basement. The police concluded that he fell down the stairs by accident. Was it? Roe and her mom decide to stay the night there and Nick joins them. Reporter Sally, scared of ghosts, is forced by her employer to stay and write a story about the place. Strange things happen that night.


Martin Wood

Top cast

Jodelle Ferland as Tamara Dilger Lexa Doig as Sally Allison Natasha Bure as Teen Aurora Marilu Henner as Aida Teagarden