Beneath the Green



Mystery / Sci-Fi


Plot summary

Six lost astronauts seek a way out of a planet that should be dead. Waking up on the forested planet of Anthemusa, Caleb (Anthony Nikolchev), the newcomer of the group, can't remember how or why he landed on a planet that, up until his arrival, was covered in dry sand. He meets a group of colonists led by Hunter (Veronica Wylie) who encountered the same problem but have yet to find a way out. Making matters worse is the disappearance of their mission commander, Victor (Eric Roberts), who appears to the team in the form of a floating head speaking in cryptic riddles and phrases. Believing that Victor has found a way out, the team searches for "the door" - an image that appears to them during meditation. Learning how to meditate, Caleb uses the technique to follow the missing whereabouts of Victor who speaks to the team from an unknown location that contains a mysterious "door." When the team catches up with Victor, they find more than a way out.


Jason Georgiades

Top cast

Eric Roberts as Victor