Padre no hay más que uno 2: La llegada de la suegra


  • Release: 2020 ( 29 Jul 2020 )
  • Genre: ✯ Comedy ✯ Family
  • Language: Spanish
  • Country: Spain
  • Runtime: 96 mins
  • Rating: 6 10 6574
  • Quality: ✯ 1080P Bluray ✯ 720P Bluray


Plot summary

2020, City of Madrid (Madrid, center to Spain and country’s capital). After the success of virtual assistant Conchy created by him, the life of Javier and Marisa with their five children (teenager Sara, preteen Carlota, child Rocío and Dani, and little child Paula) seems to be better than ever. However, troubles appear by surprise in an unstoppable way: Carmen leaves Paco (Javier’s brother) by his negative to have a child; Marisa’s maid Rosaura announces to leave the family after Marisa’s friend Leticia tempted her in secret to work for her in better job conditions; Sara is interested in a high school classmate named Junior; Rocío becomes obsessive to be Andalucian to be a star of flamenco music; Dani just want for traveling Eurodisney and has troubles with his school coach who prevents him to play soccer; and Paula passes the days claiming to have a pet dog. As if it not was enough, Marisa gives Javier a special news: she’s pregnant…again. Overwhelmed by the situation despite all …

Director : Santiago Segura
Writer :

Marta González de Vega (screenplay by), Santiago Segura (screenplay by), Marta González de Vega (based on characters created by), Santiago Segura (based on characters created by), Juan Vera (based on the film "Mamá se fue de viaje" by)

Actors : Santiago Segura| Toni Acosta| Luna Fulgencio| Martina Valeria de Antioquía|